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I undertake a variety of commissioned work from corporate clients to private individuals.

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Private Commissions

Alongside my wildlife art painting, I also produce a variety of commission work of other subjects including Gundogs and other animals, portraiture and landscapes.Perhaps you would like a bespoke piece of artwork for a unique gift, or perhaps to remind you of a special experience, or have a subject that is of particular personal interest. Please read this page and email me to discuss any ideas that you might have or, alternatively, call me for a chat.

Tel: 07508 452504 Email: latimerj2510@gmail.com

Advice on commissioning work

There are many examples of work in the galleries section of the website to give you an idea of some of the subject matters and style of work I am currently involved with.

Several factors are  worth bearing in mind from the outset:

  • Preferred subject matter
  • Design (any specific ideas you might have)
  • Dimensions (if you have a particular place you would like it to go)
  • Budget
  • Time scale (if you have a particular deadline for the completed artwork)


The commissioned work I undertake can generally speaking be divided into 2 separate categories:

1.) Wildlife Art

As far as possible, I prefer to have personal first-hand experience of any wild animals I paint, as I believe there is no better way to really understand a subject matter than to observe it carefully form life in its natural habitat. However, this is not always logistically possible, so if you have something pretty exotic that you’d love painting, don’t hesitate to stop me a line!

2.) Other animals/gundogs/fportraits.

All I need from you is a high quality image that you want painted, the higher the quality the better! For the best results a selection of images of the subject matter is helpful, and together we can decide which image might make the best portrait/painting.



There are several factors that will influence the prices for commissioning work. Please look at some of the paintings that fall within your budget as a basis.

All prices include delivery. I am happy to provide mounting/framing if required at cost.

Gundogs and other animals/portraits

The prices below provide an excellent guide. These prices are for one subject, ie a single dog in a painting. for additional subjects within the same painting, prices will be a little higher, and are quoted on an individual basis.

Prices will vary depending on the substrate used, ie, paper, board or canvas. Below is a guide to give an idea of variations, showing paper and canvas prices respectively:


8” X 9”  (A4 approx) £340 – £395

12” x 12” £540 – £625

12” x 16” (A3 approx) £690 – £750

14” x 18” £850 – £940

16” x 22” (A2 approx)  £950 – 1200

20” x 30”  £1290 – 1450

Of course larger sized paintings are available, please give me a call to discuss your thoughts!


Wildlife Art subjects

Prices for images depicting wildlife will generally be higher than the above, given the fact that much more research and designing is typically required. Prices vary according to a number of factors:

  • The amount of research and fieldwork required
  • The complexity of the design
  • The style of painting required (generally the amount of detail required)
  • Required completion date
  • Overall dimensions
  • Any additional expenses that may be incurred (such as framing if required)

Again, please drop me a line to discuss your ideas and I will chat you through the process. Paintings can be commissioned at almost any size, so don’t be worried if you have something a little more unusual!

Peace of mind

When working on any commission, my aim is to produce a piece of work that fulfils the client’s expectations. I aim to work within your budget, and once a final figure is agreed, there will be no extra costs to be incurred. If a piece of work therefore takes longer and involves more work than I initially envisage, then I bear the cost in terms of my time. There will be no additional expense to the client.

Once a commission has been agreed with a fixed price, I ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure a fixed date for work to begin. I will also give you an estimated timescale for completion of the work at this point. Fixed prices will include all research and design work, completion of the finished painting and final delivery. This price also includes insurance of the work until it is delivered to the client.

Framing is not included in this price, and is left for the client to arrange at his or her own expense. I am always happy to arrange framing once the final painting has been approved, and this service is free. Any framing will be provided at cost price, though please bear in mind there will be a small extra charge to cover the additional weight of postage.

Design Approval

Having completed any initial design work, I will email or post a pencil visual for approval before I commit to paint. Whilst it is possible to make large scale design changes at this stage, I reserve the right to make a final decision on the design as it is essential to produce a piece of work I feel comfortable in creating.

Completion of work

I will use my aesthetic judgement to create the work and to determine when the work is completed, at which time the work will be shown to the client for approval. This may take either in person, or by jpeg via email or on disk. Reasonable amendments may be made at this stage to tweak the image for final approval, though please remember that a painting will never be the exact image you are visualising.

Subject matter

If a commission is accepted and, upon viewing, the finished painting does not meet the client’s requirements, there is no obligation to purchase. This guarantee is made on the agreement that any initial deposit paid is non-refundable.

For large or very specialist subjects, full payment for the painting is required on completion of the work. For high value commissions, staged payments may be required.


Unless a separate agreement is made in writing, all rights of reproduction and all copyright of the commissioned work (including all designs) remain the sole property of the artist.

Any reproduction of the work, in whole or in part, will require a separate agreement in writing and the payment of an additional fee. The artist will advise the amount of the fee, which will be determined by the required use of the work.