www.rebeccanason.com – Wildlife & landscape photography by Rebecca Nason

www.shetlandseabirdtours.com – Award winning charters led by photographer and lecturer Rebecca Nason

www.birdseen.co.uk – Trip reports, photos, artwork and video by Durham based birder Ian Hillery

www.davidmillerart.co.uk – Wildlife & Fish paintings by artist David Miller

www.thepaintedhorse.co.uk – Horse paintings by equestrian artist by Lisa Miller

www.kokay.hu – Wildlife Art & Illustration by award-winning artist Szabolcs Kokay

www.oogvoornatuur.com – Wildlife art gallery based in the Netherlands

www.langford-press.co.uk – Wildlife art books – Award winning wildlife art titles by the Langford Press

www.birdtaxidermy.co.uk – Award-winning bird taxidermist Carl Church

www.tidnorwood.org.uk – The UK’S largest collection of cider apple varieties based in Herefordshire

www.firecrest-wildlife-photography.co.uk – Wildlife & landscape photography by Carole & Peter Leigh

www.aquila-photography.co.uk – Weddings, Portraits & Commercial photography by Peter Leigh

www.newa-uk.com – National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, based at Gordale Garden Centre on the Wirral

www.pointer-wildife-art.co.uk – Wildlife and sporting art

www.zsoldosmarton.hu – Hungarian wildlife artist & illustrator Marton Zsoldos

www.stefanboensch.de – Watercolour and pencil studies by Stefan Boensch

www.andrewforkner.co.uk – Award winning wildlife painter

www.handykam.com – UK-based company producing wildlife & bird-box camera equipment